Buzzfeed got a little more than it bargained for in a light-hearted post, "16 iPhone Apps That Will Make Women's Lives Easier," which recommended:
- Two apps to track your periods / fertility
- Two apps for flash sale shopping
- A recipe app
- An app for loyalty card and coupon organizing
- An app for turning your favorite pinterest projects into DIY plans
- A public toilet finder (in case you need a tampon when you aren't paying attention to the first two apps)
- A birth control pill tracker
- A nail polish previewer
- A hair color previewer
- A grocery shopping app
- A chatroulette for dinner recipes app
- A fitness app
- Two apps for making / modifying instagram-style photos

Commenters derided the post for it's one-dimensional portrayal of women's issues, eviscerating Buzzfeed and the author:

"SO GLAD SOMEONE MADE THIS LIST. All I care about is beauty products, when I'm bleeding and how to optimize my time in a grocery store."

"please stop equating "women" with "people who menstruate"

"I don't know what everyone is so upset about. I'm just glad to learn I can ovulate and look fabulous at the same time."

"I promise you, i don't need a single one of these. Find me an app that gives discounts on pizza, then we can talk."


"OMG Shopping! OMG Baking! OMG my appearance! OMG my cycle! There is literally nothing else going on in my world."

"Periods and shopping. Fuck you Buzzfeed."

"They missed the one which is just random pictures of shiny things appearing on a screen!"


Surprisingly, a few found the most offensive thing was the lack of non-iPhone apps.

"Not to mention they're all iPhone apps. I couldn't find a single one for android."

Enjoy the (PMS-fueled if Buzzfeed has anything to say about it) rage. Then again, click-throughs are click-throughs and this one is still trending.